21 Ounces

— Wed, 14th April 2010 —

Without any premeditation, Jon “Critical Shopper” Caramanica just spent $350 on a pair of jeans. Now, despite the undeniable allure of denim shrine Self Edge, and the virtues of quality gear, there are some guys who’ll never forgive such a purchase. “My $50 501’s do just fine,” they’d say. Yet, while we consider our $160 A.P.C.‘s a more reasonable proposition, we can’t fault anyone for investing in a product that’s built to last years, if not a lifetime. Regarding his “transformative” Iron Heart‘s, Caramanica reports, “Putting them on left me feeling less dressed than wholly encased.” Made of 21-ounce denim, that’s a feeling he has time to get used to.

  1. $50 for Levis? You can get Paper Denim & Cloth for $30 from the sales in Beggar Invitational.

  2. The Iron Hearts are pretty awesome though; they're hardly in the same jeans category as Levi's or APC.

  3. Throwing down for jeans is just fine, but I have come to feel that they always let me down after about a year and it doesn't matter if I spend 300 or 30.

  4. i'll cop to my own ignorance here, but what's the material, literally, difference that would allow these to last long enough to be equal a pair of $50 501's on a cost per wear basis. i'll certainly grant Michael's premise that their may be a some intangibles justifying the premium, but in strict price terms, this reminds of the old Prius debate where you'd have to own and use the item over a lengthy time horizon to make the numbers work


  5. I don't think that the math over time will justify the premium over Levis, but they'll certainly outlast two pairs of APCs. The Iron in the name is not misleading. Also, I understand that Self Edge repairs their jeans for nominal fees.

    That said, I couldn't pull the trigger on them when I was in the market for jeans, and instead ended up buying Opening Ceremony jeans from a 70% off rack at Odin at a small fraction of the Iron Heart price.

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