At Acne, Filippa K, Nudie Sample Sale

— Wed, 28th April 2010 —

Pretty much irrespective of your personal style, if you can’t score at the Acne/Filippa K, Nudie sample sale, you’re just not trying hard enough. Tons of denim and sportswear, which might have been considered “hipsterish” just two years ago, but due to shifting trends, is now entirely mainstream by NYC standards. Racks upon racks of spring-friendly unstructured jackets, raincoats, buttoned shirts, shirts, jeans, and winter wear  — which you’ll need in just 6 months! — like knits and down coats. Granted, sizing is limited: Tops S-L, but mostly M, jackets 50; while denim and bottoms 28-34.

Price List:

  1. Acne Light knits – $60
  2. Acne buttoned shirts – $75
  3. Acne blazers – $200
  4. Acne leather – $400
  5. Acne jeans – $100
  6. Acne cotton pants – $75
  7. Acne shorts  – $60
  8. Coats – $250
  9. Filippa/Nudie dress shirts – $75
  10. Filippa/Nudie jeans – $100
  11. Filippa/Nudie pants – $75
  12. Filippa/Nudie heavy knits – $100
  13. Filippa/Nudie jackets – $200
  14. Ties – $40
  15. Want less Essentials leather computer bags – $350
  16. Want less Essentials Leather travel bags – $550

Acne Sample Sale – 269 Elizabeth St btwn Houston & Prince – 11am-8pm Daily Through Thursday, 4/29 – Map

  1. No offense, but “if you can’t score at the Acne/Filippa K, Nudie sample sale, you’re just not trying hard enough” is pure bullshit. Every single article of clothing above the waist there had a big capital M on it. As a tiny man, that’s useless to me.

  2. yeah i went looking for jeans, most were unattractive and $100+, but i did get a nice thin black Nudie sweater for $20 so that was okay.

  3. i failed to find anything good; the spread was kind of sartorially incoherent; maybe that’s a function of three brands crammed into one spot, but there was some loud wacky stuff, some ok looking conservative stuff, and some icky skinny shiny stuff, but fits were hard to understand; sweet music, though!

  4. Their was nothing worth it really. The jeans were mostly large sizes, 32 and above for ACNE and had stains and dirt on them. The shoe selection from ACNE was rather poor as well. Their were some very nice bags, but very few that did not have scuff marks or scratches on them.

  5. Went today. Things marked down but not by much. Jeans at $75 and other similar. More or less $10-50 off from what they had. Selection sucks. Mostly Nudie at size 30, 32 and up. Ugly washes.

    Jackets are forgettable. The bags are nice and also marked down.

    Worth it? No.