Alert: Hugo Boss Sample Sale

— Thu, 15th April 2010 —

Through Friday, the Hugo Boss showroom is hosting a sample sale featuring up to 70% off plenty of menswear, a tipster tells Sample Sally. [SS via Racked]

Hugo Boss sample sale – Hugo Boss showroom – 601 W 26th St btwn 11th & 12th, 8th fl – Thurs 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-1pm – Map

  1. And it's a GOOD sale too. Stumbled upon it totally randomly as I had a meeting in the building. Noticed the sign as I was leaving.

    Exceptionally well organized in true German efficiency. Lots of everything. The light coming in off the Hudson and through the huge windows will make you look like a movie star even. This sample sale is the BMW of sample sales.

    If you're above a 40 jacket or bigger than a Large however, there's really nothing for you there.

    Also not fashion forward in the least. Good for basics though.

  2. Thanks, Anon, Well said… Please let us know next time you stumble upon such a find (after you've had your way with the offerings, of course.) We rely on readers like yourself for such information.

    The Choosy Beggar

  3. I went last year and the sale was amazing!!!!!
    Not very expensive

  4. prices are cheap cheap cheap. got 4 knits and shirt for about $200.
    the selection of goods shames almost all sample sales.
    they have everything there, bathing suits to briefcases.

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