Alert: Jil Sander Private Sample Sale

— Wed, 21st April 2010 —

A reader just tipped off Racked to a private sample sale presently taking place at Jil Sander HQ. Act like you know somebody, and take your chances for a shot at 90% off Sander’s minimalist pieces.

Jil Sander sample sale – 8 Crosby St between Grand & Howard – 3rd floor – Map

  1. anybody?

    would love to hear about it and will try to go on Thursday

  2. Just got back from it.
    You can stroll right on in. no list or anything. the men's selection is maybe only 10% of the entire thing (if you have girlfriends and know their sizes you can earn a HUGE amount of points by shopping for them) but you're talking truly ROCK BOTTOM prices. truly.
    it's pretty picked over at this point (they have one crazy looking overcoat left. one) and a lot of the clothes are EXTREMELY fashion forward i.e. if you're going on a spaceship in the near future you can stock up on intergalactic travel- approved threads here. A few kinda plain but wearable shirts, a couple jeans here and there. If you wear a US 10 1/2 or 11 you can do ok on the shoes.
    All the stuff is going pretty fast though. By tonight I don't think there'll be anything left.

    sizes are T I N Y. Seriously it's for whippets. If you're bigger than a medium or a 38-40 jacket, forget it. seriously.

    It shuts at 5:30pm, open tomorrow and goes til saturday morning.

  3. Great intel.
    very helpful
    weary of the fashion forward stock but hope to find a gem within that mix
    sizes mentioned are OK by me.
    Let's roll!

  4. Absolutely not. The suits are straight out of Star Trek (the Shatner years). Two toned, half wool-half satin tuxedo etc. Raf Simons must have had a hot cup of crazy before he designed those. Utterly unwearable. Couple of the sport jackets are really nice though.

  5. Great call on the star trek description. Quite helpful feedback, now I wont waste my time going there