Alert: Paul Smith Sample Sale

— Fri, 9th April 2010 —

Through Saturday, Paul Smith HQ is hosting another one of its invite-only “friends & family” sample sales. Last night, Sample Sally was welcomed inside without an invite, and found “suits [for] $300, sportcoats [for] $175, trousers, shirts and knits [for] $50, casual jackets [for] $75 and jeans from $40 to $50.” [SS via Racked]

Paul Smith Sample Sale – 142 Greene St btwn W. Houston & Prince – 2nd fl – Fri 12pm-8pm, Sat 12pm-2pm – Map

  1. What does "invite only" entail? How does one get an invite?


  2. @ Anonymous 11:47 – that link has nothing to do with this sale, correct? You're just hoping people will sign up for Gilt using your reference?


  3. has anyone tried to get in today without being on the list? how did it go?


  4. I just came back from there. Mostly picked over.

    Suits are mainly 40/50 or 44/54 with some 46/56. Mostly pinstripes and tux. A good rack of sports coats but mostly too funky or too dark for summer wear.

    Not much shoes. I would say 1/3 of last sale. Maybe a good time to buy sneakers at cheap.

    Dress shirts are horrid but there are nice PS shirts in M and up. Decent causal pants / jeans but nothing sparked my interests.

    There are two buckets of ties and a single bucket of socks.

    The selection is less than the last sale.

    I didnt think its worth it. Wasted an hour.


  5. A couple of my buddies just turned up, and the salespeople are apparently requiring shoppers to state which employee referred them. Who should they name drop?


  6. choosy why is your blog so hard to load? it takes forever with all the hyperlinks on the right and left of the page!


  7. Never heard that before, Anon, but we're relaunching the whole site in a few weeks.

    The Choosy Beggar

  8. Slow loading, and often crashes my iphone (only site that does this).

  9. Apologies all around. The good news is that Beggar Inc. recently brought on a topnotch developer/designer who's spearheading a full relaunch within the month. More to come…

    The Choosy Beggar

  10. I vote a ban on the anonymous commenter names. 15 anonymous's in a row is ridiculous.

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