God’s Gift

— Wed, 7th April 2010 —

Are men of particular proportions overlooking the best deals in town? Saying as much, New York Times style contributor Elliot David boldly endorses Ralph Lauren Kids. “There are perks to being, let’s say, compact,” he says. “The fit is fantastic and the quality is just as good as Ralph Lauren’s other lines, but Polo Kids is half the price.” Judging by his post’s comments, David isn’t the only guy exploiting this genetic gift. The Beggar’s a wee too big to test this strategy, but, if you fit the bill, we say shop away! A guy shopping for kids’ gear looks the same as a guy shopping for his kids. [NYTimes.com]

  1. I was able to get away with wearing boy's size 20 button-front shirts through my freshman year in college, and I used to buy Polo button-downs back then (this was almost 30 years ago). These days I wear a Large in Polo and an XL in just about everything else.

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