Hands On With Levi’s 511

— Thu, 22nd April 2010 —

The “style blogosphere,” God love it, runs on pretty product pictures, which, while pretty, don’t reveal much about fit, feel, or other intangibles that require a little in-person testing. That’s why Angelo of Class Act deserves praise for this hands-on analysis of Levi’s 511 jean/trouser in several materials. “A casual, slim and surprisingly solid feeling chino,” he notes. “At $54, I really don’t think there’s a better go-to khaki out there right now.” [via Valet.]

  1. My god those look awful. Do skinny pants look good on anyone? I don't understand this trend at all.

  2. perhaps a pair of actual khaki's, these strike me as the el camino of pants. they're too casual to be worn somewhere you'd wear khaki's, say a biz cas office and too odd to be taken for jeans. i'm all of slant pocket denim, but these are just…

  3. yah, skinny pants don't look good on fat people. that's why theyre called skinny…

  4. It's tough to consider these chinos with that kind of pocket detailing. They look like colored sta-prest pants you'd find in the racks at St. Vincent's. You'd match it with a youth large thrifted softball league tee and a studded belt and wear it to a Promise Ring show.

    Just saying it has its place in every man's life (it did in mine), but you have to know when you've outgrown it.