J. Crew Final Sale Dayz (?)

— Thu, 8th April 2010 —

Think J. Crew is always on sale? Us, too. But come Tuesday, 4/13, the retailer swears that the sale’s (temporarily) over. If nothing else, we’re eager to see if Crew keeps its word. Not a single sale item come Wednesday? Not likely.

  1. I think what they mean is that the FINAL SALE items from Fall/Winter will be gone, and SPRING SALE will start. So, this is our last chance to score any lambswool sweaters and gloves we may need for the upcoming summer months. My recommendation – if you're eyeballing that clever madras shirt, wait a few days before ordering as it may be $15 off in a few days.

  2. Probably right, Sam. Still, that's not how the email we received phrased it. It was more like: "Last Days On Earth!! Go Buy Something While You Still Have The Chance!!"

    The Choosy Beggar

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