NYTimes: Club Monaco "Vexing"

— Thu, 1st April 2010 —

The price is usually right at Club Monaco, but — from a quality and fit perspective — the brand often leaves much to be desired. In its suiting department, where the brand was supposed to shine this year, TimesCritical Shopper‘ Jon Caramanica just stumbled into a sartorial minefield.

On one model, “the collar was distractingly thin, as if it had been pulled tight with a drawstring, and the rest of the jacket felt overlong … The basic gray blazer had an uncomfortable sharkskin glow to it … Most models had crimped perforations at the rim of the lapel and collar, and these warm-weather suits had absolutely no give in the cotton, which was stiff like oak tag … Even when I found my size, I still felt as if I was wearing my father’s suit.”

A few promising pieces aside, Caramanica then basically writes off the brand as a source for “unambitious basics for the shopper who finds Banana Republic too risky.” Rough.

  1. very much enjoyed this article. Really makes it obvious what a incredible styling team they have. Monaco's sale section sounds superb.

  2. Thanks, We posted. If you visit, let us know how it goes.

    The Choosy Beggar