That Sale Look

— Mon, 12th April 2010 —

The long weekend edition…

Timberland ‘Benton’ 3-in-1 cotton poplin jacket for $120 (-35%)

Individualized pink & white stripe ‘Band Collar’ oxford for $105 (-35%)

Apolis Activism olive ‘Officer’ chino for $120 (-30%)

Red Wing Moc Toe Chukka for $150 (-35%)

J. Crew tipped microstripe cotton/nylon socks for $8.50 (-35%)

J. Crew ‘roughed-out’ leather belt for $30 (-35%)

  1. I like the belt but sometimes belts that are less than 50 bucks have dye that bleeds onto shirts.

  2. i've had pretty good luck with J.Crew belts holding up and not transferring dye. anyone know if the Anchor belt they've got in stores now is the same one they had maybe 8 months or so ago for twice the price?

  3. It's the exact same belt- I worked there and bought it all the way back then. I had a funny feeling that they weren't marking it down when they were putting on sale all the other summer merch for some reason…

  4. thanks anon @ 1:02. i ended up catching a mistake and snagged a large for $10 and had it shortened at a leather repair shop, so i came out ahead, but now i'm wondering about the mechanics of that. did they pull all the stock back and retag each belt in store?

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