That Sale Look

— Wed, 21st April 2010 —

The spring night game edition…

Barbour green waxed-cotton commando jacket for $210 (-50%)

Red Jacket blue Yankees hoody for $62 (-33%)

Nau “Juncture” twill pants for $51 (-40%)

Engineered Garments black windowpane cotton shirt for $87 (-45%)

Zoo York “Middletown” white canvas kicks for $35 (-25%)

Rugby blue nylon & leather backpack for $100 (-25%)

  1. is Aarons of Eastham a reliable online dealer? i like the deal but i am not familiar with them. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much.

  2. We've never dealt with them directly, Anon, but we understand them to be as reliable any etailer out there. If you do pull the trigger, please relay your experience back to us.

    The Choosy Beggar