That Sale Look

— Fri, 9th April 2010 —

The April showers edition…

Spurr gray wool double breasted suit for $553 (-75%)

What Comes Around black plaid trench for $176 (-50%)

Ivory handle antique umbrella for $758 (-30%)

United Bamboo gingham woven shirt for $105 (-50%)

Theory gray Coupe Crowle silk tie for $68 (-30%)

Tretorn white/gray T58 leather lace-ups for $45 (-40%)

J. Crew rubberized Montauk tote with leather trim for $100 (-35%)

  1. awesome… but still too expensive for my budget. Too choosy not enough beggy


  2. If 45 dollar shoes are out of your budget, you should consider other priorities before clothing. I like the diversity of prices ( that umbrella is insane! ), should post the total dollars saved in the title.


  3. This column is a valuable addition to the site. Good work, guys.


  4. We're mixing it up, Anon #1.

    That umbrella's most definitely insane, Anon #2.

    Sure thing, Anon #3.

    The Choosy Beggar

  5. Confirms my impression that April just ain't the month for sales mersh.

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