Meet: The New Beggar!

— Mon, 26th April 2010 —

Meet the new and improved Beggar! Hope the change isn’t too jarring to the senses. About the new logo: That’s our loyal mascot Haute Dog, the haughty dog! Seriously, though, we’re coming up on our two year anniversary, and could never have made it this far without the encouragement and support of our devoted community of readers and contributors. A huge thanks to each and every one of you. Going forward, our singular mission to get guys into better clothes for less money (and fewer headaches) remains unchanged. To that end, we’ve got some great new features and services in the works. This redesign is just the beginning.

  1. so glad you fixed your website – doesnt take 100 years to load!!!!!

  2. So much better, quicker loading, and easier to navigate, thanks!

  3. Epic! I was new last week, couldn’t really interact with the site. Now it is much more simplistic in a better way allowing me to seamlessly move about your site.

  4. Lookin’ good! The old site was so bloated it would slow browsing to a crawl as it loaded. This one is much better in that respect.

  5. This looks too hip for my tastes. I enjoyed the unprepossessing utilitarian nonchalance of the old one, bloat and all. Felt more like a secret club!

  6. The RSS feed isn’t being sent to my Google Reader anymore. The last post in there was from April 23.

  7. Too bad you cut off your RSS feeds from showing the whole post. Great site, but I guess I’ll be unsubscribing.

  8. Sorry John, it’s the second day of the new site. Feeds will be fixed shortly!

    The Choosy Beggar

  9. Yes, I’m also hoping the RSS feed will be fixed soon to include the full text and images. It becomes infinitely less useful without that. Great looking redesign on the full site!

  10. Please, please, please make the RSS show the full text and images! I know you want the traffic to the site, but what good is the RSS if it doesn’t give me any info on the posts? I’m not just going to click on every post.

  11. what about a forum for discussions that aren’t related directly to a post. so people can ask questions like, what is a recommended tailor on the UWS, or I am looking for XXX – where can I find, etc. Happens informally in the comments but something more obvious might be nice?

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