Beggar Invitational

— Tue, 25th May 2010 —

We’re testing out a new component to Beggar Invitational, which includes several Beggar approved pieces from the pages and pages of products that invite-only shopping sites offer daily. Today, we’re pleased to endorse a few products from Gilt‘s first ever Surface to Air sale.

 See our three picks from Gilt's Surface to Air sale after the  jump...

The above suede desert boots are fit for the warmer months, without needlessly resorting to lighter tones. (Trick: If something has the word “desert” in its name, it’s usually summer friendly.) The darker hue earns you points for originality, versatility — from daytime to nighttime activities — and the fact that you needn’t shelve these shoes come fall. Steve McQueen would have approved. ($168)

Polos are big this season — a moot point for such a timeless menswear staple. Regarding color, pastels and primary colors have their place, but navy — along with Surface to Air’s minimalist design and fitted cut — make this shirt as ready for brunch on the beach as cocktails after dark. Miles Davis would have taken three. ($58)

In keeping with our theme, this leather belt is as dark as it is cool. Sturdy leather belts — sans rodeo buckles — are presently the mark of a well dressed man, and there’s nothing we like better than an accessory than can transform an entire wardrobe. This bad boy will hold you together for years. ($62)

  1. The suits are made by Isaia. I think it’s their diffusion line so a little cheaper butstill good stuff.