At Blessed Gant Sample Sale

— Tue, 11th May 2010 —

As with any shopping endeavor, every sale presents its own challenges. For Gant’s semiannual sample sale — going on Tuesday through Friday, 5/11-5/14 — the issue is typically an overwhelming abundance of products, patterns, and worthwhile purchases. With warmer weather ahead, we avoided the knits, which, when paired with most of Gant’s shirts, also risk overkill. Tops are pretty evenly distributed between S, M & L, while bottoms are mostly 32. Oh, and Tuesday is officially for VIPs, and we hear they’ll be checking a list at the door.

  • Dress shirts/Long sleeve polos/Rugby’s – $30
  • Short sleeve dress shirts – $25
  • Short sleeve polos – $20
  • Non-cashmere knits – $35
  • Cashmere knits – $45
  • Tees – $15
  • Pants/Jeans – $25
  • Shorts/Swimwear – $20
  • Blazers – $95
  • Leather – $195
  • Light jackets – $50
  • Heavy outerwear – $95
  • Vests – $45
  • Cloth bags – $30
  • Cloth belts – $15
  • Leather belts – $25
  • Ties/bow-ties – $20
  • Boxer shorts – $10
  • Hats – $15

A knowledgeable source estimated about 10% of the sale stock is Gant Rugger, including these shirts

The incredibly versatile canvas cotton belt

More Rugger

A color for every day of the week

Not quite job interview-friendly, most of Gant’s jackets fall into the category of sportswear

Grab some trunks for the coming months!

Gant Showroom – 20 W 55th St between 5th & 6th – 11 fl – Tues 8:30am-6:30pm (VIP, Friends & Family), Wed-Thur 8:30am-6:30pm, Fri 8:30am-5pm – Map

  1. Mostly Gant Rugger M and I would say 5%
    There was maybe 5-10 Gant Rugger shirts in M; and 3-4 in L.

  2. So there was a press preview last night, and a VIP list today, for… Gant? They were unloading current stuff on Gilt Groupe yesterday! Ridiculous.

  3. If they are list-checking today, any tips for those who aren’t on the “list” ?

  4. No list checking got in fine at 8:30 AM this morning.
    Was packed by 8:40 AM or so, were letting people in as people left.
    1 in, 1 out 🙂

  5. I was on a list but there wasn’t any checking when I went at 9:30. Lots of swimsuits and pants in 32 and 34. Shirts seem mostly M and L, and are predominately regular/ez fit instead of tailored fit.

  6. Collin, the “Fitted” fit is the tailored fit you were looking for, and I found a lot of shirts in that style.
    Also found a few nice cufflinks for $18…but you can’t complain with awesome Gant shirts for $29 (down from $120)!!

  7. Ah yes, fitted is what I meant. I guess I overlooked some as I was only eyeing certain fabrics.

  8. Went to the press day yesterday – huge stock of stuff for cheap. Annoying that things aren’t really organized in any fashion, but the stuff’s so cheap I didn’t really care!

  9. This is a consistent sale. It’s a great sale to load up on standard pieces that will launder well and take a beating (wovens, knits and chinos). I’m not sure how the place looked when Lauren went last night but I always find the sale to be organized and the staff friendly and eager to help.


  10. No Smalls left. No. I mean it. At all. You won’t be lucky, don’t even try.

  11. are they going to restock Smalls? anyone know? thx


  12. Hardly any medium shirts, coats or jeans left. Tons of large stuff… I hope they restock.


  13. In my experience GANT is not very athletic build (broad shoulder/chest) friendly. In addition, these sample sales don’t really carry XL.

  14. Mostly M and L at the sale. Didn’t see any XL, and Sam is also right in terms of Gant’s cuts.

    Sad to hear that not many M shirts left, Anonymouse, but I’m assuming like they did in the Fall/Winter Sample Sale that there’ll be one more discount either tomorrow or Friday…which is when I plan to go back 🙂

  15. I visited and found it difficult to find any clothes that didn’t have the word “GANT” printed on the public-facing side of the item.

  16. As said, no smalls at all remaining. Lots of pants in 32 or 34. I asked and was told that they would not be restocking any smalls either. If you are a L there is a lot of nice stuff left.

  17. GUYS!! Gant took ANOTHER discount as of today on everything…shirts are now $15!!

    Went there around 10 AM, M shirts are basically cleaned out, but LOTS of L sizes left. So…if you’re 6′ or taller, go here for good work and going-out shirts!

    For the M-size guys, there are a LOT of nice work and going-out jackets left, jackets are down to $35 and blazers down to $50!

    Bowties and ties are now $12, still some dopp kits left, but totally worth the trip. Closes at 5 PM!

  18. did they have any white oxfords?

    how was the selection?

    wish I had heard sooner.. plus being 6’1, and missing out on this great opportunity

  19. @thatguy: They don’t really have any plain colored shirts, but they have nice checked and striped ones that are work-friendly.

    Selection at the end was GREAT for size L, much better in the beginning for size M. Their F/W sample sale is a while from now though (sometime in October/November), which gives you a lot of time to try on Gant shirts at the main store on 5th and 51st-ish.

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