At Blessed Gilded Age Sample Sale

— Thu, 6th May 2010 —

Yes sir, it’s the Gilded Age sample sale. You’ve got from Friday morning to Monday night, 5/7-5/10. But don’t wait. These superbly-made jeans, jackets, chambray & woven shirts, cotton pants & shorts, etc. won’t last forever… at least in your size. Jeans/pants are available in sizes 29-36, bust mostly 32. With shirts, jackets, Ts and polos we saw a pretty even distribution of M and L; S less so. Oh, and management is extremely motivated to get rid of this stuff. We’re not big on haggling, but prices are definitely negotiable.

  • Pants/jeans – $60-$120
  • Jackets – $80-$120
  • Shirts – $40-$50
  • Ts & Polos – $10-$50
  • Shorts – $40

Gilded Age Sample Sale – 580 Broadway btwn Houston & Prince – 9th fl, Suite #912 – Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 10:30-5pm, Mon 10am-7pm –  212-228-7747 – Map

  1. Beggar, after all the other “pre”-sale previews you’ve informed your loyal audience of well in advance, why not this? You said Friday morning… are we to believe Stefan was so generous as to allow you and only you in to take pictures? I’m disappointed to say the least- I thought we were your friends here!

  2. There was no pre-sale Thursday night, Pinto. We were the only non-staff there, and we were only there to take pictures…

  3. When you say “S less so” is this to mean there’s simply less S than M and L, or that an S like myself might not want to waste a trip?

  4. Denim Sizes. Do you know what sizes the denim goes up to?

  5. Great stuff! Begger – thanks so much for the heads-up on this!!

    Credit cards are accepted. It is a little hectic and cramped, as it is basically Stefan’s office – but as I said good stuff and great prices.

  6. great quality of clothing and excellent sale like last year. Stefan is def charming. He goes to the stock room to find your size if you ask for…

  7. Didn’t know they had more in the stock room. Anyone know if they are restocking (shorts specifically) or if pretty much everything is out at this point ?

  8. Really good sample sale. Stefan is really helpful and quite nice about everything. The selection was pretty good and I’m a small. Keep in mind their med, fits like a small and there was a pretty good selection. I got 3 items, including a pair of jeans for $120.00. I may give one more go around tomorrow…Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

    Yeah and it seems he has some stock in one of the rooms.

  9. good sale. picked up 2 pairs of denim.
    denim is mostly in size 32×32 but there is still sizes up to 36.
    i say, go if you want quality selvedge denim! the rest you can live without.

    mr billy

  10. In addition to denim, look out for some great indigo-dyed jackets and shirts. I also loved the Williams fit pants – some of the best-looking slim fits around.

  11. The stuff look OKAY. Are the denims more wearable than for all mankind?

  12. Beggar, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.. I knew you wouldn’t lead us astray. In that case, you did a fantastic job with the pictures!

    John, the denim is absolutely more wearable than 7 for all mankind. To make anything close to an even comparison between the two, whether it comes to fit or quality of the denim, would greatly surprise me. Go, get a pair, break those boys in, and then you will see the light- they’re worth every penny.

  13. Didn’t find anything that fit me particularly well, but they have a couple of racks/tables with some nice, simple, user-friendly t shirts and such for the ladies… in case you strike out for yourself but want to pick up something for the wife, gf, etc. I got a nice item for a mere 10 bucks.

  14. did anyone go today (monday)? is it still worth a visit or is there nothing good left?

    cc baxter

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