At J. Crew Sample Sale

— Tue, 4th May 2010 —

How awesome is this?! Beggar correspondent — and Eating Brooklyn editor-in-chief — Sam Jacobs just filed a report from Clothingline’s J. Crew Sample Sale — going down through Friday, 5/7 — with piece-by-piece illustration and analysis. Yes!

"Better than before," writes Jacobs. "More sizes, more selection.

"I picked up a pair of off-white jeans in 34/30 for $50 (currently at $98
retail), a plain blue button-down collar shirt (Large) for $35, broken-in
Chino Jack Purcell sneakers for $35 (10), and a pair of white bottom slip on
Sperry’s for $65 (9 ½).

"They had a good selection of shorts, pants (chinos, some jeans, wool
trousers), & casual shirting in multiple sizes.  Chambray shirts were
available, and flying out the door.  Tons of Jack Purcells & some Tretorns,
Red Wings, Sperry, & Clark’s.  Some of their own shoes too.  Lots of
sweatshirts, and a handful of leftover heavy sweaters from the winter sales.
A few jackets (sport & casual) rounded out the sale."

Mid-Sperry's and desert boots are only $65 (Pic by Tim Matta)
Adidas Sambas and Converse Jack Purcell's for $35 -- 2 for $60 (Pic by Tim Matta)

J. Crew Sample Sale - Clothingline - 261 W 36th St btwn 7th & 8th - 10am-7pm Daily - Map

  1. Hey Canny Dandy, what does “NO TRY-ONS” mean? Does it mean you literally are not allowed to try on clothes at this sample sale?

  2. I went there this morning.
    I got a Mackintosh coat for $350, the cheapest I have ever seem for sale! They have some more on medium and large.
    I also got a green cotton shawl cardigan for $35, it’s a sample that I never seem in production… there are plenty of those one-of-kind items.
    Plenty of pant sizes… worth a look.

    samba rock

  3. Literally. I tried on a jacket…A JACKET, and the dude said, “No try ons!!!” Good thing I didn’t start with the board shorts…

  4. Hey Sam, thanks for the heads up. That’s weird. Is that common in the sample sale world?
    Good to know, in any event. Sounds like you’ve got to have a good eye and understanding for fit at this sale.

  5. Hey Samba Rock – Sorry to burst your bubble but I got a Navy Mackintosh jacket at the last sale for $100! Still not too shabby on your part.

  6. Yeah, I heard about that deal, they cut prices towards the end of the sale… but it was gamble I wasn’t willing to take since there was only on on my size.

    samba rock

  7. Yeah I hear that, it was literally the only one I saw, just happened to be at the right place at the right time. It was like seeing a unicorn in the wild haha. Anyway I forgot to say that towards the end of the day it seemed like the staff there weren’t really enforcing the “no trying on” nonsense.

  8. It’s really just THIS VENUE – CLOTHINGLINE that has that rule in place. Soiffer Haskin has fitting rooms. Other have people trying stuff on in plain sight. Not sure why – perhaps it is a security issue with them.

  9. They let you try on clothes at the Theory sample sale at clothing line. They even had a makeshift changing area set up, albeit communal. Don’t know what it is about these J. Crew sales that drives them nuts.

  10. Just returned. Lots of good stuff. Not a lot in XL. There rarely is at sample sales, but just in case anyone was hopeful, don’t be.

  11. do they go down from standard sample sizes too? (i.e. smalls? shoes in 9?)

  12. I was there again today,
    They still have some good stuff left. They have Baracuta jackets on navy (regular and waxed) for $150 all size 44 a couple of Barbour (Beagle?) on Large and a bunch on small (kids large) for$200
    Some shoes left, a feel Red Wings mocs and a bunch of the worn-in look Jack Purcell.
    Feel trousers and shirts but still some decent stuff, mostly 32/ M sized.

    samba rock

  13. Picked up the Barbour for J. Crew jacket yesterday, which came in yesterday, for 200. Also, picked up the red wing chukka for 150.

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