At J. Lindeberg / William Rast Sample Sale

— Tue, 18th May 2010 —

Alas, very little Rast at the William Rast / J. Lindeberg sample sale going down today through Thursday, 5/18-5/20. (We’re not too upset — Much of Rast is L.A. in the worst way.) Worse still, the Lindeberg offerings are limited where it counts, as we were hoping for more suiting and jackets. Also a select few woven shirts. If you come, do so for the knits, and — for all you golfers — the course-friendly polos, pants, and windbreakers.

Wish we’d found more of these Lindeberg jackets…

  • Suits – $300
  • Suit jackets – $250
  • Dress pants – $150
  • Shirts – $50
  • Sweaters – $65
  • Polos – $45
  • Golf jackets – $125
  • Casual pants/denim – $75
  • Light outerwear – $150
  • Heavy outerwear – $250
  • Belts – $35

Really wish there were more of these woven shirts, too…

The reason for this sale’s being, i.e., relatively versatile knits…

We don’t recommend taking this polo off the golf course…

These tapered cotton pants, however, are quite versatile, and non-course-friendly…

Again, best to keep this windbreaker on the green, or at least reserved for “active” pastimes…

This windbreaker is very Final Home circa ’99…

J. Lindeberg / William Rast Sale – 57 E. 11th btwn Broadway & University – 8th fl – 10am-7pm daily – Map

  1. Thanks for lowdown CB. You mentioned limited suiting – any idea of the size range?
    Cheers, JG

  2. No worries, JG. The limited suiting ranges from sample sale medium to large, i.e., what you’d expect to find at your average sample sale. We should clarify, but when we don’t mention sizing, it’s usually because we found the same middle-of-the-road sizes we find at most sample sales.

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