Beggar Invitational

— Wed, 26th May 2010 —

Warmer temperatures are here, and — as we recently noted — khakis are officially cool again. Just remember to keep ’em flat-fronted and tapered — like these cotton LOVA‘s, which go on sale today at Gilt.

Behold, LOVA’s shrunken-collar cotton polo and chino shorts. If you hadn’t gathered, fit — we’d go so far as to say classic fit — is a big deal these days, and both pieces totally subscribe to that philosophy. And, really, as the days get warmer, who wants to deal with any more fabric than is absolutely necessary? You can’t go wrong with these muted blues, either, as they compliment khaki as well as a bolder, statement-making accessory (think: straw hat and/or maroon or navy linen scarf).

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