Cover Up Those Hairy Toes!

— Tue, 11th May 2010 —

Are you in need of a top-sider stand-in, but don’t like the foreign unfamiliarity of espadrilles, and know better than to subject the world to your nasty toes? Of course you are, don’t, and do, which is exactly why Steven Alan got together with Keds to produce the four slip-on styles pictured above. For $68 each, go grab a pair now at any Steven Alan shop,, American Rag, Atrium or Brooklyn’s Bird. [Highsnobiety via Selectism via Valet]

  1. Yuck! I absolutely hate men in Keds (or other plimsole looking shoes). I think they are the MOST unmasculine footwear and are terribly unflattering.
    Shame on The Choosy Beggar for endorsing something so terrible looking.


  2. Ha, Consider us shamed… But we stand by our endorsement. Keds are ideal for weekends, and, so long as you keep the rest of your gear sensible, hardly “unmasculine.”

  3. ha this was pretty funny, and i thought the shoes looked nice, no to mandals! unless you are at the beach.

  4. A nice alternative to Keds, while still capturing the gist, are SeaVees, which are light, simple, and don’t carry that unmasculine/juvenile taint. Bloomingdale’s was selling their SeaVees for 30 percent off as of last week…

  5. I agree with wvillguy.. you think they are nice today.. wait 3 months you wish you never bought them.

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