GAP Selvage: Best Deal In Town?

— Tue, 4th May 2010 —

ACL‘s Michael Williams — who’s admittedly most comfortable in $300 denim — just endorsed those  “Japanese Selvage” jeans that GAP debuted in late ’08. After wearing them everyday for about 11 months straight, Williams admits: “They wore in amazingly … The fading and whiskering was so nice … I was pleasantly surprised.” Us, too. Since their debut, GAP appears to have dropped the product’s claims of Japanese origin, and added $10 to their price tag (now $90). Still, with the inevitable markdowns, MW’s nod puts these jeans in the running for the best deal in town.

  1. You can get the GAP selvage denim for 40% off (or 45% if you have a GAP card) any Wednesday this month (or any other regular priced item). Go to your local GAP and ask for the coupon booklet.

  2. Hey Canny Dandy, can you explain the “coupon booklet” a little more? Is it like a printed out store circular that they give out at the store? Thanks!

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