Meet: Beggar Exclusive Deals

— Thu, 6th May 2010 —

Here’s the deal:  We hand-picked this look from Revolve Clothing‘s expansive inventory. Today, 5/6, only — from 12 noon to 12 midnight — Revolve has agreed to take 15% off every piece in the look. So, click through! Buy something, why don’t you. And don’t forget to enter coupon code choosybeggar at checkout.

  1. That’s it? Links to some not very exciting or affordable summery stuff on Revolve?


  2. Tell us what you’d find more “exciting,” Anon, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Again, this is a first effort for us.

  3. I really only dig the bag, but 15% off is not enough for me to pick it up for that still. This is a good concept, just maybe a broader selection in the future?

  4. I might not leap at these particular items, but I like the concept. Will keep me tuned into this blog.

  5. I wonder how much Choosybeggar is profiting from this relationship.

  6. @David – I hope the beggar is profiting from this arrangement. He isn’t a saint, he’s a guy who has put a lot of time and effort into helping dudes find great affordable clothes and he deserves his just reward. If you don’t like it, go to another site.

    That said, agree with anon above. Great concept, merch and discounts not as enticing as they could be this time.

  7. David, This post is clearly sponsored by Revolve. If you can’t figure that out, well, good luck to you… The Beggar aspires to be an honest broker of information and opinion, but also a for-profit business. No mystery there.

  8. I, too, think 15% off is not that compelling. And you don’t say outright that it’s sponsored by Revolve (though that everything comes from Revolve should make anyone figure it out). Good first effort though! Looking forward to the refinement of this idea.

  9. I agree that 15% is too slim a discount to take notice (though revolve is getting great exposure!)

    What I would like to see

    – Steeper discounts
    – Exclusive or rare items not easy to find online

  10. Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with everyone and say that 15% isn’t gonna attract much enthusiasm when sites like Groupon and Gilt are regularly offering stuff in the 50% off range. But it’s a good idea that needs tweaking.

  11. I don’t care whether he’s profiting or not as long as he’s putting out deals.

  12. Not really a choosybeggar on this deal. While I understand your motive is to generate profit, which I wholeheartedly support, these “deals” are subpar compared to the usual 50%+ discounts we are used to seeing featured on this blog.

  13. Steeper discounts on average stuff OR modest discounts on the kind of items that are usually sold out by the time sales season rolls around. If you could offer discounts–even small ones–on that stuff I’d be interested.

    Lake Vostok

  14. Well, this is 15% off of current season merchandise, which is definitely better than nothing (how often are Billykirk bags on sale anywhere?). This isn’t any better or worse than Gilt and other sample sale sites, just completely different. Gilt may have 40-70% off of retail prices, but that’s usually last season’s stuff or 2nd-quality Gilt exclusives. Personally, I’ll take 15% where I can get it. Thank you, Choosy Beggar.

  15. I never said it was wrong to make money. I said I wondered how much money they’re making off this relationship. People need to learn how to read.

  16. I think this site is great. Admittedly, it’s cost me a ton of money, as but for the beggar I wouldn’t have known about or thus dropped vast amounts of cash at the James Perse, Loro Piana, Gilded Age etc. etc. sales – but I’ve gotten great stuff dirt cheap (well, except for the Piana – even 50% off on that is far from “cheap”). So I love it – it is absolutely the only place I’ve found that provides notice of so many great men’s clothing sales, and just that. Every web/print alternative I am aware of either is nowhere near as informative, or includes far too much extraneous (to me) info – I don’t care to search through listings that also include women’s sales, other general crap, or notices of only 20 or so percent off.

    So, re this idea – I’ve got no issue with the beggar somehow making coin off this site and/or us. Ads on the site, fine. Making money off us, again fine, although I am inclined to think that should be clearly disclosed. So arrangements with retailers where the beggar gets a cut, fine, with disclosure. However, I agree with the other commentators that 15% is nowhere near enough. What I, and I suspect many other visitors here, am looking for is serious deals – at a minimum 40% , and ideally 50-75%, off.

    Personally, I don’t order much clothing online, because to me fit (and so the ability to try clothes on) is very important. Living in NYC, I am blessed in that I don’t really need to order much online. However, others may be more willing to go the online route, and if they are special deals (but def greater discounts!) with Revolve, Blackbird, etc. might work well.

    P.S. David, I, and I think others, read your initial post as passive-aggressive BS questioning the Beggar’s making coin off the arrangement – thus, I suspect, the snippy responses. Looks like however you were just curious what the deal was – exactly what you said. An example of the problem with this type of communication – context, tone etc. gets lost.

  17. Oh, another thought – most notices are re casual (albeit upscale casual) clothing – don’t believe I’ve seen many notices re either suit sales or workout stuff (coincidentally about all my wardrobe is lacking after taking advantage of the beggar’s help to date!)

  18. Great comments. I really like the concept. But I agree with some of the comments regarding the discount note being steep enough. However, what I love about shopping online versus in-stores is that we can take our time exploring, reviewing, and making sure we find the perfect deal out there without any pushy sales reps following us around to make us “buy” something.

    Beggar keep giving us the deals, and I say it’s none of our business how you go about profiting. In the end, you’re not forcing us to do anything we don’t want to. Let us make the ultimate decision on what’s not or is worthy of our funds.


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