Opening Ceremony Sample Sale

— Wed, 12th May 2010 —

Rock¬† ‘n’ roll. Thursday through Sunday, 5/13-5/16, Opening Ceremony is hosting its semiannual sample sale featuring up to 90% off Acne, Band of Outsiders, Final Home, Jeremy Scott, Loden Dager, Opening Ceremony, Patrik Ervell, Rachel Comey, Sabatino, United Bamboo, …

Opening Ceremony Sample Sale – 33 Howard St btwn Lafayette & Broadway – Thurs-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-7pm – Credit cards accepted with purchases over $100 – Map

  1. is this going to be terrible? anyone go last time? i feel like CB reported on the last one with dismal results but can’t find that entry.

  2. I was at the last one during the “friends and family” pre-sale event. They have tons of stuff, some good some not so good and some terrible. It really depends what are you looking for, it’s important to keep focus and dig in.
    Double check your items because a lot of times at their sale the garment has visual damages.
    Oh, be ready to wait it like for at least 30min.

    samba rock

  3. last time this was a mess. the line went around the corner, and the clothes were just thrown about like garbage. there was one girl at the checkout that was making up the prices for clothes that were unmarked, something like $100 instead of $60 for the same item of a different size. if you have nothing to do then i’d say go, but read rock’s advice above.


  4. Just came back.

    Oh man, small space full of residues from the winter sale. When it comes to stuff they carry that I like, there are just 5 or 6 garments x brand. Quite ugly pieces (remember those plastic Band of Outsiders shirts?). Yes, thrown and stacked like crazy (seriously hard to take them off the rack). I honestly think the winter sale was pretty amazing, but this is just what’s left from that one. Oh, TONS of OC brand stuff. Didn’t look at it thou’, but racks and racks of it.

    Will seriously be hard to walk around it this weekend. Tiny space. You will suffocate.


  5. very slim pickings for shoes, a only saw a few pair and I wouldn’t buy shoes from Opening ceremony, don’t feel like the quality is worth it. as far as clothes, saw alot of pants, blazers, outerwear, alot from last sale, very small section of band of outsiders, in the 200-300+ range, lots of sweaters, lots of acne pants in different colors, around 50+? i would go if youre looking for fall clothes, pants, suits, or crazy alexandre hertcovich (im sure i mangled that) pants for 100+. i bought some acne black raw denim, not sure about the fit, but for $50 ill see how they fit after some soaking/wearing.
    some crazy fred perry x raf pieces, but alot was from oc label.

  6. Any Ervell gear? I was hoping to snag some winter/summer jeans, no other reason I would go.

  7. Yes, Alex. They have that Ervell suit that looks like my dad’s pajama. You know, the burgundy/blue striped one? They have that one.


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