Time-Sensitive Deals On The Way…

— Tue, 4th May 2010 —

The Beggar’s in the business of sniffing out and scrutinizing the best sales & deals. That won’t change. Increasingly, though, we’re also working with retailers, etailers,  and various brands to manufacture great deals exclusively for you — our readers. Needless to say, the more interest you show in the initial deals we offer, the more willing other partners will be to offer up evermore attractive deals in the future. For that reason, we’re asking each of you to keep an eye out for an exclusive, time-sensitive deal we’ll be offering Thursday, 5/6, between 12 noon and midnight. We can’t provide specifics, but we promise the products will be prized, and the markdowns will be respectable — particularly for this time of year.

  1. So do we buy stuff through your site or where? Did you pick out the goods?

  2. You’ll have to stay tuned, Josh. What we can say is that the effort will be highly experimental, and therefore subject to much change and improvement going forward… Please keep that in mind.