Woolrich Woolen Mills Crowns McNairy King

— Thu, 27th May 2010 —

The Beggar’s far more interested in quality wares — and how best to acquire them — than back-end industry dealings. That said, news that Woolrich Woolen Mills has tapped Mark McNairy to succeed creative director Daiki Suzuki has huge implications for the future of menswear. Under the steady hand of Suzuki, WWM transformed rugged, utilitarian gear into something highly sophisticated and detail oriented — arguably on par with Nigel Cabourn.¬† A onetime creative director of J. Press, McNairy is best known for his obsession with the classic American aesthetic. (Indeed, as he admits in this recent profile, he considers Ralph Lauren “God.”) We envision the appointment working out well. Either way, the moves that McNairy makes at WWM will likely influence men’s buying decisions for years to come.

  1. Dear Mr. TheChoosyBeggar,

    Americana, Workwear, EG+WMM = dead.

    Please take note.


  2. As media memes, maybe. As far as the way guys prefer dressing, not by a long shot. Though the terms themselves have grown tired, Americana and Workwear will influence menswear for generations. The parallel styles are built to last in more ways than one, and, needless to say, are both deeply ingrained in American culture… Please take note.

  3. I agree it might be on its way out or already out of style BUTTTTT some of the clothing I’ve picked up during this trend has remarkably long staying power. Understated style and amazing quality will always be in demand.

    For example: Can you imagine how much longer your Thom Browne suit is going to look good? Now compare that to how much longer you see that WWM parka playing a role in your wardrobe.

    That being said I look forward to seeing fewer emaciated lumberjacks crawling around Williamsburg telling me how their favorite band sold out.

  4. the yeah yeah yeah’s used to be good in 2005, now pshhhhh…

  5. Anyone who considers Ralph Lauren a ‘God’ is not someone whose clothes I’m interested in. What is Suzuki’s next gig?

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