And The Best Sports Jacket Is…

— Thu, 10th June 2010 —

This past weekend, you asked us to track down the best priced, highest quality sports jacket on the market. Since then, we’ve spent an abnormal amount of time in dressing rooms — even by our standards — trying on, and feeling out, some of today’s top-rated jackets.

First, the winner: For the money, there’s no beating Uniqlo‘s +J S/S 2010 structured, cotton blend jackets. Indeed, for just $130, you get proper tailoring and construction, a contemporary silhouette and fabrics, and Jil Sanders’ iconic simplicity. These jackets are solid, inside and out. Just look at the work that goes into their interfacing below. We’d expect to find this attention to detail in a jacket that retails for $1,300, not $130. Note: At the Uniqlo flagship on Broadway, jacket sizing is presently limited, but a rep said to expect a big shipment on Friday, 6/11, or Monday, 6/14.

Uniqlo – 546 Broadway between Prince & Spring – 917-237-8800 – Map

Runners-Up — All of which can be acquired online, unlike  the above:

  1. A structured +J, Ko. It’s a black medium. As we said, Uniqlo is expecting a big shipment — on either Friday or Monday — of new sizes and colors.

  2. Wrong, winner is the GAP / Ervell jacket for the CFDA competition which can only be found on Fifth Avenue and 53rd street.

  3. And the LL Bean is currently 20% off, putting it at $159.20

  4. Yes! RobF has stepped up to the place, and agreed to do a thorough hands-on review of the GAP / Ervell jacket! Prove us wrong, Rob!

  5. So glad this jacket won. I can definitely vouch for it as one hell of a blazer for the price. The collaboration between Jil Sander and Uniqlo has in my opinion become a forerunner in creating clothes that mix high design, and quality with a low price. I myself own three +J blazers and have been a fan from early on. The attention to detail and sturdiness of the product leave me quite a happy customer. My only complaint is that I wish the early collections and some of the new came with more matching pants to create the full suit.

  6. I have ordered a number of pieces from LL Bean signature and would definitely not order a jacket from them. The designs are quite interesting–better than J Crew–but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. I love the look of Uniqlo, but if you’re out in the hinterlands like a lot of us, you just can’t get to the brick and mortar stores. This is going to sound nuts, but… I saw this casual Friday outfit suggestion on (an affordable men’s style website) and he suggested an Old Navy blazer. Sure it takes a bit of tailoring, but you can get them for as cheap as $30. Now I swear by them. Got three hanging in my closet and I always get compliments.

  8. Joe, if you want to get some traction with your site, why don’t we work together on a hands-on product review? The above comment just looks like spam.

  9. But I do stand by what I said. Old Navy blazers are underrated. Gotta pay for tailoring, but… they’re pretty decent.

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