At Diesel Sample Sale

— Tue, 29th June 2010 —

About Diesel, it’s no use bashing a brand based on rebelliousness — even if it’s a false, corporate, watered-down sort of rebelliousness. And about its sample sale, we can’t argue with the fact that seemingly coherent guys were leaving this afternoon with bags full of God knows what. Still, to our eye, these clothes suck. They’re cheaply made, and just plain ugly. Maybe it’s just where our head is, but the few wearable pieces we found only seemed suitable for lazy days watching the waves in Montauk — or Disneyland, but definitely not NYC.

  • Bathing suits – $20
  • Tees – $15
  • Accessories – $5
  • Belts – $10
  • Button downs – $20
  • Denim – $45
  • Jackets – $40
  • Pants – $25
  • Leather shoes – $50
  • Kicks – $25

Meet the anomaly

These are not the jeans that made Diesel famous

Diesel Sample Sale – Diesel HQ – 220 W. 19th St bwtn 7th & 8th – 10am-6pm Daily – Map

  1. totally agree with CB. I do like their kids line though. any kids clothes?

  2. Even Diesel’s full-priced stuff is overdesigned and tacky in a euro-trashy sort of way so I can only imagine what the samples are like. Their jeans are just okay, that’s about it. Nice prices though too bad its all junk.

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