At Isaia Sample Sale

— Mon, 14th June 2010 —

The official Isaia sample sale goes through Friday, 6/18, but worthwhile stock is unlikely to last through tomorrow. Unlike your typical sample sale, this event favors larger guys, but — regardless of size — you’ll need to sift through some chaff to find the wheat.

  • Suits (like the 50R above) for $850
  • Tuxes for $850
  • Sport coats for $500
  • Cashmere sport coats for $700
  • Trousers for $125
  • Outerwear for $450
  • Dress shirts for $125
  • Ties for $50
  • Belts for $50

One of a select number of wearable suits under 50R

The under 50R pickin’s

The 50R pickin’s

A beautiful 50L

Why rent when you can own

Shirts might be star of the show (Mostly sizes 38-54 from what we saw)

The cool man’s dress shirt

Can’t go wrong with the blue oxford

Messy, yes, but full of treasures

Like this silk purple & white stripe

And this grey wool tie with an understated pattern

Outerwear is hard to look at after Labor Day

There’s a belt in there for you

Official Isaia Napoli Sample Sale – 225 5th btwn 26th & 27th – Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri 10am-1pm – 212-245-3733 – Map

  1. Might as well throw this request in here, for the Beggar and Co.

    I’m looking for a good set of tails–and thus far I haven’t found any worth buying under $1000 (which is a bit much for something I’d wear twice a year–unless it’s stupid nice. I’d have bought a tux from Isaia happily for that price).

    Any suggestions? Any sales which might have em? Rang here, and they happily informed me that while they had none on sale, for a mere $4200 I could get my own at face value.

    Beggars, help!


  2. Judging by the way they look on the hangar, those suits look like 50 eu, not 50 us. 50eu is 40us.