At Odin Sample Sale

— Sat, 12th June 2010 —

It’s cramped at the Odin sample sale — and some guys were leaving bag-free — but we found some nice pieces at some very nice prices. You’ve got through next Monday, 6/21, but don’t wait. The bulk of the stock consists of Oliver Spenser, Trovata, Chimala, Coventry… Less so, Richard Chai, Engineered Garments, Our Legacy, Rag & Bone, Robert Geller, Ducky Brown… Sizes, meanwhile, vary more widely than your average sample sale.

Engineered Garments seersucker jackets for $80

Robert Geller linen jackets for $90

Engineered Garments bombers for $90

Richard Chai crumpled cotton jackets for $150

Duckie Brown plaid woven shirts for $80

Trovata flannel plaid shirts for $40

Richard Chai woven shirts for $70

Coventry v-neck sweaters for $50

Oliver Spencer shorts for $40

Common Projects kicks $60

Belts for $20 (except Comme belts for $60)

Rogues Gallery tote bags for $50

Odin – 199 Lafayette St btwn Kenmare & Broome -Sat 6/12 12pm-8pm, Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-7pm – 212-966-0026 – Map

  1. Picked up a pair of Rag & Bone shorts for $39
    Shorts are mostly 36’s


  2. belts are 20 dollars, 40 dollars for leather. picked up an engineered garment one. was going to get a nice collection jkt/blazer, but price was 130, marked down from 350, but backed out last second.

    mostly L/XL.

  3. What other rag & bone items did they have and what were the prices? Thanks

  4. Good luck to you if you’re a size medium. Great brands with nothing in the middle range.

  5. I was there today and walked out with nothing. Mostly size 36 on pants. Very very little Rag & Bone, Duckie Brown. There were some Shipley and Halmos items, but nothing great.

  6. Anon, there’s a Geller black bomber in a 50 for the insane price of $99. There’s also a 52. Wish they had 54, that’s what I needed :(. Got a beautiful pair of Richard Chai shorts down from 275 to $39! Most stock is Oliver Peoples, so if you’re a fan go. Or if you’re forward thinking enough to stock for Winter, Richard Chai peacoats and toggles around 150 I think. Might go back and get one.

  7. Not sure why my past hasn’t shown up yet. Let’s try this again.

    Anyone see any Engineered Garments clothing (preferrably a navy bomber) in size XL?


  8. Kman…Oliver Peoples…? They’re selling eyewear? Did they have any polarized Aeros or Victorys?