At Parlor Showroom Sample Sale

— Thu, 3rd June 2010 —

If you’re in the band, or want to look like you are, get to The Parlor Showroom sample sale through Saturday, 6/5, for steep markdowns on silk-lined seersucker 3-piece suits, tuxes, dress shirts, graphic Tees, and select outerwear — all of which will significantly increase your chances of getting past the velvet rope. Expect sample sale sizes, and, while we never encourage haggling, these guys want rid of this stuff come Saturday night.

One of a few silk-lined seersucker 3-piece suits from THECAST for $225

THECAST tux jackets for $175

THECAST skull Tees for $30

THECAST gray light-wool  blazers for $195

THECAST pink & cream silk-lined seersucker 3-piece suits for $375

Saint Augustine Academy tux shirts for $80

Saint Augustine Academy contrast-collar oxford-cotton dress shirts for $90

Cuff-links not required

Saint Augustine Academy leather bombers for $305

Saint Augustine Academy french-cuff dress shirts for $75

Timo Weiland rounded-collar cotton shirts for $50

Timo Weiland cotton trenches for $250

The Parlor Showroom – 7 Mercer St at Howard, Loft 2E – Thurs-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 12pm-6pm – Map

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