At Rag & Bone Sample Sale

— Wed, 23rd June 2010 —

Most likely ’til 8pm, tonight (6/23), the Rag & Bone sample sale is wide open to all comers. The sale runs through Sunday, 6/27, but if you’re looking for a wide selection of sizes, best to stop, today. Plenty of shoes, boots, shirts (oddly, neither dress nor quite casual), warm weather gear like shorts and polos, knits, pants, jeans, etc. Few quality jackets and outerwear.

  • Boots – $195
  • Unlined blazers – $175
  • Jackets/Blazers – $225
  • Leather jackets – $595
  • Jeans – $95
  • Pants – $115
  • Shorts  -$95
  • Shirts – $115
  • Jean Shirts – $85
  • S/S Shirts – $85
  • Tees – $45
  • Ties – $45
  • Belts – $60

Rag & Bone Sample Sale – Chelsea Market – 75 9th btwn 15th & 16th – Thurs-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat 12pm-6pm, Sun 12pm-5pm – Map

  1. Never really got into Rag & Bone. More excited about their winter collection this year. Best of luck to anyone going tomorrow.

  2. Does anyone know if there will be further reductions as the sale goes on? Thanks. Particularly looking to get a tie.

  3. I have gone to every Rag and Bone sample sale the past couple of years, and this is by far the worst ever .Dont know where they dug up some of these items .certainly not from this years collection other than a couple of pieces. Also the prices are higher than the current sale prices in Barneys and Saks.. Some sample sale..

  4. I totally agree with Victor on this one. Have been to all their sample sales of the past 3 years and this one was indeed the worst by the things that matter most —- prices and selection. The venue was excellent and spacious. I did march over to Barney’s Coop and picked up a great Rag & Bone shirt for $99, less than the $115 “sample sale” price.

  5. I asked yesterday if there would be further reductions. I was told that there would probably not be further reductions. The sale was not that great at all.

  6. Also, what do you guys think of R&B shoes? I haven’t been impressed by any of them save the collab. with Grenson on the Lodger boots. They look….cheap.

  7. Have a feeling that we will be seeing another Rag and Bone sample sale in a couple of weeks with much lower prices. They did the same thing this past winter. There was a sale at clothesline, and then a second sale at their village store, The latter with much lower prices.

  8. I agree, the shoes don’t look great, made in China, but still cost a lot. Unless they were very cheap I wouldn’t buy them.

  9. Hey guys I’ve never worn or felt any RAB stuff, can anyone tell me about the quality? Is it worth the price? Thanks

  10. I’ve only owned the RB21 chinos and I think the quality on those is great. Not worth full retail necessarily, but $115 isn’t too bad. With the denim, you could arguably get better quality from a brand like Naked & Famous and pay less. But for $95 a pair of R&B jeans might be worth it.

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