At Y-3 Sample Sale

— Tue, 15th June 2010 —

Definitely less stock at the Y-3 sample sale than usual, and many of the pieces left us scratching our heads — it’s clearly a fine line between conceptual genius and ugly. The basics — workout gear, kicks, knits, polos — are there at 90% off retail… Just don’t expect to find much of brand’s coveted light outerwear.

  • Pants – $50
  • Shorts – $40
  • Tees & Polos – $25
  • Long-sleeve Tees – $30
  • Track Jackets & Blazers – $60
  • Outerwear – $80
  • Sweatshirts & Sweaters – $50
  • Swimwear – $20
  • High-Tops & Boots – $60
  • Low-tops – $50

Didn’t know Y-3 did Nantucket red

We’d wear these

We know a guy who’d wear these

We know a guy who knows a guy who’d wear these

We don’t know that many people

Behold, the purple cotton varsity sweatshirt

Breaker, Breaker


Who doesn’t love jammy shorts?

The bags

Y-3 prayer beads (?) – $5

Y-3 Sample Sale -610 Broadway btwn Houston & Crosby – 3rd Fl – 10am-6pm Daily – 212-271-7568 – Map

  1. Great Site- thanks for the pictures and sale details. Do you know if they will be restocking for tomorrow/ Thursday?

  2. Thanks, L, They were restocking lightly, today, but the bulk of the stock appeared to be on the floor. You can always call — and let us know if you hear anything!

  3. Do you happen to know what range of shoe sizes was available?

  4. This is so useful! Did you happen to see any of the Boxing low-tops there?

  5. Sale’s done for fellas, folks. Practically only shoes left are some ug seafoam green lowtops for $39 I think. Lots of trousers left (including some really nice blue flannel for I think $50) but no changing space so I didn’t want to gamble. If you’re a size 12 1/2 or 6 there’s the black and green boots Choosy took pics of above, otherwise, the good stuff’s gone.

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