Field Notes

— Tue, 15th June 2010 —

  • The good news: Philip Crangi, the illest jeweler in town, is hosting a sample sale starting tomorrow, 6/16. The bad news: A company rep told us to expect “very few” men’s pieces.  [Racked]
  • Prices have been reduced at the Isaia Sample Sale, which goes through Friday, 6/18. Dress shirts, which were originally on sale for $125, are now $95.
  • New details on the Fjallraven Sample Sale, beginning Thursday, 6/17: “Just wanted to let you know that the sample sale will feature everything from down jackets to shell jackets and backpacks,” a rep tells us. “Products will be 50-80% off.”

  1. They speak the truth. Unless you really love those railroad spike bracelets and rings, there’s not a lot there. Tie tacks (40 or 60, don’t remember), and as of 3:30, two bracelets ($140 I believe for a really nice double/triple wrap braided leather bracelet, one braided leather hoop I didn’t see a price on) left. Again, mostly railroad spike stuff (silver and bronze rings, bronze bracelets) and a fair number of beaded necklaces. Like last time, the girls make out like champs though, if you’re feeling charitable. Le sigh.

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