Filson Father’s Day Sale

— Tue, 8th June 2010 —

Despite the modest 20% markdown, here’s why we have to tell you about Joe’s Filson Father’s Day Sale: We’re suckers for alliteration; Filson products (its bags especially) make smart buys even at retail; Joe’s has one of the best Filson bag selections we’ve seen online; the deal also includes free 3-day shipping. Oh, there’s also the fact that Filson very rarely goes on sale — Rumor has it that the company even cuts off retailers for marking down its products without permission. For the season, we’re picking up Filson’s hard to find tin cloth tote ($80).

  1. No NYC sales tax, boom extra 10%!

    however the bag you posted is sold out.

  2. Was just gonna mention that NYC sales tax exclusion also, but Josh beat me to it. Saves another 8.875% off a normal NYC purchase over $110. Solid! Grabbed the Filson Original Briefcase for $168 total over a likely $228 total (retail + NYC tax).

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