Hands On: Dockers/Urban Outfitters Chino

— Thu, 3rd June 2010 —

Among fit-conscious guys, word traveled fast about the recent launch of Dockers’ ankle chinos for Urban Outfitters. In theory, it sounded like a match made in heaven. Dockers would deliver the sensible materials and sober build to which U.O. would add its signature edge and modern fit. So, ready to declare these chinos required buying, we had Beggar contributor — and aspiring Esquire “Best Dressed Real Man” — Zeph Colombatto — test them out one leg at a time.

The first thing I noticed about these chinos is that they’re tough. Made with a broken-in, brushed, cotton fabric, I immediately felt that while wearing these bastards I could get some hearty work done in the summer heat.

On me, however, I was surprised to find that these pants fit very slim on the edge of skinny. I am 6’2”, have a normal 32” waist, and a long inseam of 34”. So, when I tried them on I felt as if I were wearing man Capri’s. GQ recommends cuffing your pants no higher than two inches above the ankle, and these hike it up a good four inches. It’s one thing to roll up your chinos when the weather is hot, and it’s another to have Thom Browne style dress pants, but chinos this skinny (and this cropped) do not flatter, hide, or enhance a man’s profile. Instead, I felt kind of girly wearing them and quickly took them off.

Still, should you feel inclined to rock these pants, I would size up in the waist (wearing my normal size of 32 I had to squeeze into them) and be prepared to flash that man cleavage with a 30” inseam.

Pics & words by Mr. Zeph Colombatto

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  1. Pretty funny you’re covering this actually. I came across these last week at urban outfitters. I rarely, if ever, shop there and I was with a friend who needed to stop in for a belt or something. I saw these sitting there and I was immediately drawn to the color of the khaki and the material. At $49.00 buck I was pretty excited that I may have actually found good strong khakis (something that happens once every few years) then I tried them on. Ugh. I bought a pair in black and Khaki in 32 (I’m a loose 30 in everything else) and took them home. As you said above, I got them home, tried them on again and I had this overwhelming girly feeling. I returned them the next day. In fact, I have just about cycled out every item in my wardrobe that fits like this. I am done with slim (I don’t even wear skinny pants) I’m going back to normal modern cut suits and just a straight fit, loose fit pair of jeans. Christ, we non gay men got to start getting back to dressing like, you know, men. I’m done with this shit…

  2. I am curious as to what ppercentage of guys on this site are gay. I bet it’s around 50/50.


  3. It’s probably around 50/50 but I think it’s going up to 51% in favor of the straights.

    I’m really over all of the “for us regular guys” and “dressing like, you know, men” comments. Those Dockers are just plain bad and don’t need gender identity issues to illuminate how ugly they are. People who get hung up on an “overwhelming girly feeling” brought on by pants need help.

    I’ve ready Choosy Beggar for quite a while because it can be better than sifting through excess lady stuff on Racked. But I think it’s time to keep sifting in order to reader better posts, sale updates and less idiotic commentary. Sorry Beggar.

  4. Hmm — Ro just stepped on a buzz saw with his comment.

    As a gay MAN, I winced at Ro’s comment but I knew exactly what he was talking about.

    It’s not only gay men walking the streets in the cuts he’s discussing. Dockers isn’t exactly the chosen brand of “the gays” so I’m sure Dockers and Urban Outfitters have data to support will work with their customer base (both hetero and homo).

    Design professionals (a combination of heterosexual male/females and homosexual male/females) make these decisions. That a guy as “masculine” as Ro actually purchased these pants shows they are more “mainstream” (and therefore less “gay”?) than he thinks.


  5. Ah, yes, the enduring gay/straight issue. Long before The Beggar set up shop in mid-2008, purveyors of men’s style have been trying to cater to both groups without offending either.

    At The Beggar, we consider ourselves fairly middle-of-the-road — typically favoring clothes with broad applications and appeal — yet we still make an effort to serve diverse sensibilities — from Billy Reid to Hugo Boss, from Brooks Brothers to Phillip Lim, etc.

    Our general rule of thumb is to be respectful of others, and we kindly ask that you, our readers, do the same. (It’s to your credit that we rarely need to ask, actually, but the occasional off-base comment is inevitable.)

    Gay or straight, there’s no reason why we can’t all behave like gentlemen.

    – The Beggar

  6. Regardless of orientation, we can all agree no one will be buying those pants.

  7. by no means perfect but they’re good pants. could stand to be an inch longer and have an inch higher rise. they’re not particularly skinny, but men raised in an age where pants are cut to sag in the ass, billow in the thigh, and bunch up at the bottom will probably have a problem with them. what’s with all the worry about flood length pants? don’t worry gentleman, 99% of the populace continue to feel underdressed unless they buy pants with an inseam that measures 2″ to 6″ longer than they need.

  8. I’m 5’7″ and a 30″ waist. I tried these dockers on last week (in 30″) and they were NOT skinny on me. They were somewhere between slim and regular fit. Once they go on sale (which they surely will) I plan to buy a pair in that fantastic nantucket red, cuff ’em and wear them sockless. Just a reminder to take all these comments/opinions with a grain of salt. Cheers.

  9. where does one put keys or a wallet in trousers this “slim”

  10. put your keys and wallet in your genderly dubious murse! [jack spade]

    used to have skinny jeans and then then one day decided they were so girly n got rid of them.. but then i realized that i just got fat, not some gay conspiracy to showcase men’s assets.


  11. These look perfect for any man that is short or slim–or both in my case (5′ 6″ / 130lbs)!

  12. On the topic of khakis, I ordered the jcrew essential khaki’s in urban slim fit. They fit exceptionally well and have a nice cut, namely, not too tight, and not loose, which seems to be a problem for a lot of khakis. What is also nice about them is they come in various lengths (e.g. 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, etc…)

  13. i’ve gotta say that getting this pants in “your size,” they will be too tight. i sized up and they’re great. it helps that my inseam is 30, so these pants look great cuffed once, or uncuffed since the inseam seams to be 30 all around.

    after wearing them for a weeks time (not straight), they’ve stretched a bit and i enjoy the fit even more.
    at $49 for a durable pair of pants, i don’t think you can go wrong. however, they are made for a certain body type (not lifestyle)

  14. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog
    loading? I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.

    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

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