Harvard Yard Sale Giveaway

— Thu, 24th June 2010 —

In an effort to drive second-day foot traffic, the hosts of the Harvard Yard Sample Sale are letting us conduct a little experiment. The first 5 guys (or gals) to drop The Beggar name, today (6/24), get a free polo or hoodie. Retail Price: Nearly $100. If you make the cut, we’d also ask that you send us a few pics of your favorite sale finds — but the gift is yours whether you send us the pics or not.

Update: Sale hours have been extended to 6:30pm, tonight (6/24)

Update 2: Sale’s been extended: Friday, 6/25, 3pm-6pm, and Saturday, 6/26, 11am-2pm

Update 3: Word is that second-day foot traffic was strong, everyone was happy to get their free shirts… and we have one pic to show for it. Successful experiment? You decide.

Harvard Yard Sample Sale – 1674 Broadway at 52nd Street – 6th Floor – 212-265-1565 – 10am-5pm daily – Map

Looks pretty solid from this angle. Thanks, Robert!

  1. Just got back, and I picked up a great plaid button-up. I had some difficulty with the fit for a few of the shirts, but this one is absolutely perfect. The pricing at $50 is just right, and there’s also plenty of quality stuff in the $25 bins.

    It’s well-made stuff all around. The blazers and sports coats are a steal at $110, but they were a little preppy for my taste. Goes with the territory, I imagine.

    Also, I was the lucky recipient of one of the free polos. Thanks for the offer, guys! Pics will follow.

  2. DNL score! Bargain bin $25! Cotton, stripes, smokey buttons, check the collar. Also thanks for the free polo. These are all very nice guys here. Pleasure stopping by.

  3. Sale hours were not extended to 6:30 tonight. Travelled all the way over here kind of annoying.

  4. Sorry, Anon! We had to close 15 minutes early on Thursday. We will be here Saturday 11-2; come by and pick up something for yourself, on us. Once again, apologies.

    Harvard Yard

  5. Managed to make my way over to this today and the stuff was great. Absolutely gorgeous sport coat for $110 with functional cuff buttons, very high-quality construction. Picked up a few polos, some pants and a nice knit cardigan all for $25 a piece. Keep an eye out for these guys’ future sales it was worth the trip.

  6. First thought this sounded like the other “Harvard Yard Sale Giveaway”: very cheap secondhand dorm/school supplies collected from students moving out and sold to summer school students moving in, happening in Harvard Yard. Was very confused as to whether this was suddenly trendy…

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