Lands’ End Canvas Sale First Dibs

— Mon, 28th June 2010 —

On Wednesday, 6/30, the Lands’ End Canvas collection goes on sale to the public at 30% off. Right now, Beggar readers can get early access to the sale — along with free shipping — by following this link.

  1. Thanks Beggar. Picked up a few items. Would have picked up the canvas bag, but got one from the Filson sale at Joe’s that I like a lot now.

  2. Just picked up an orange gingham pocket square. $7.22 total (30% off + free shipping). Gotta love it.

  3. I also picked up the orange gingham pocket square. They actually had a better selection of pocket squares a few months ago.

  4. Those Madras shorts about the only way a minimalist/normal guy (like myself) could pull off Madras…

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