R.I.P., Amoskeag XX

— Tue, 8th June 2010 —

Word from Bowery Boogie is that Amoskeag XX just shuttered its Orchard Street shop. The premium denim maker’s Web site is still live, but doesn’t appear to be selling anything. So, did guys draw the line at paying $500 for jeans? Has the premium denim craze run its course? Jon “Critical Shopper” Caramanica did recently drop $350 on a pair of jeans at Self Edge, which, by all reports, appears to be running smoothly. And, even if Amoskeag’s founders were talking — which they’re not — the economics of running a small retail operation are rarely scientific. Those factors make it difficult for us to speculate or pass judgment on the situation — But don’t let that stop you! [BB via Racked]

  1. always wanted to go in there. never did, now never will.

  2. I live right across the street from this place. It was ok. There are some really cool stores on the Broome and Orchard block. Robert James is the best.

  3. Only been to Self Edge near there, best place to get jeans hemmed in NYC.

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