The Suits Are For Suckers Edition…

— Mon, 7th June 2010 —

Levi’s new slim trucker jacket for $60 (-35%)

Woolrich W.M. white floral short-sleeve button-down shirt for $120 (-35%)

U.S. Air Force blue cotton tee for $10 (-75%)

L.L. Bean Signiture Sportsman’s khaki chino shorts for $40 (-20%)

G.H. Bass black Goodwich Weejuns for $100 (-30%)

Lands’ End Canvas canvas work bag for $60 (-0%)

Urban Outfitters Binacle sunglasses for $5 (-75)

  1. I’m sorry, but how can anything Army-Navy (or Air Force, for this matter) cost more than ten bucks to begin with?


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