Winner: Man Product Of The Season

— Mon, 7th June 2010 —

June through August (at the very least), socks should be restricted to work and weddings. Otherwise, they just clutter up clean looks, and cost you a bundle. Yes, the price of replacing shoes spoiled by sweaty feet easily overshadows 30 pairs of socks. That’s why you need Dr. Scholl’s new Odor Destroyers “All Day Deodorant” 3X spray powder. This stuff coats your feet like paint on a barn door. (Picture proof after the jump.) At first, its thickness is actually alarming. It’s like a spray-on sock! But, man, does it do the job, particularly when combined with Dr. Scholl’s Odor Destroyers insoles. And, no, Dr. Scholl’s isn’t paying us anything to endorse its products, nor do we have an affiliate partnership with or We just had to tell you about The Beggar‘s Man Product of The Season.

Anti-spray? Then, as [You_Have_Broken_The_Internet] shows us, you can always go the mock-sock route.

  1. Or you could get some thin cotton lisle dress socks that are tolerable in summer.

    That photo is cringe-worthy!