Alert: John Varvatos Friends & Family

— Tue, 13th July 2010 —

Through Thursday, 7/15, John Varvatos boutiques nationwide are hosting private “friends & family” sales, featuring 70% off most S/S stock. (Don’t forget to present the flier found after the jump.)

Use code SP1OFF to shop the sale online.

John Varvatos – 122 Spring St at Greene – 212-965-0700 – Map
John Varvatos – 315 Bowery at Bleeker – 212-358-0315 – Map

  1. Great tip–picked myself up some oxfords marked down from $398 to $129 shipped.

  2. So now that John Varvatos is being dropped by Bergdorf Goodman, how do you think that’ll spin out? Everyone knows that GQ and CFDA don’t pass out award nominations to has-beens….

    It’s kinda a big deal but maybe the Bergdorf bigs will let him save face and pretend it was his idea. I’ll go ahead and predict he can feign a focus on Europe/Japan, or freestanding boutiques. (They’ll say, “Oh, we didn’t need BG, since we have that NY flagship boutique on the Bowery.”) But you and me, we’ll know the truth: his stuff was built for old boomers anyways. The Varvatos silhouette matches really nicely with adult diapers. Does anyone hip even care about JV? American men’s wear doesn’t need JV. And we certainly don’t need a return by John Bartlett either. Yawn.

    Fashion Fred

  3. Pretty sad when you can’t even get the clothes in the advertisements to look like it fits well. The jacket on that guy on the left with the contrasting shirt and tie looks terrible.

  4. Well I’m lucky that I look good with the silhouette of an adult diaper. I hear there is a whole subculture for that 🙂

  5. i didn’t get paid to this morning and the Bowery Boot with the buttons was gone in 7.5-8! Such a travesty. I am going to try and call the boutiques to see if they allow me to use the friends and family over the phone.

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