AllSaints Sale & Hollister Bedbugs

— Thu, 1st July 2010 —

Word on the street is that British import AllSaints is now talking up to 50% off “almost all” stock — both in store and online. “Faux grungy vintage for all!” writes an enthused Racked.

Oh, and on a entirely unrelated note, Hollister has bedbugs. Sorry, anyone who shops at that teen tourist trap deserves what they get. [ via Gothamist via Racked]

AllSaints – 512 Broadway btwn Spring & Broome – 646 862 1832 – Map

  1. Pretty horrifying news about the bedbugs at Hollister. I wonder how they got there. If it has anything to do with the clothing, the people going in and out, or more scarily, the building itself? If the latter, one wonders if the bugs may be living in the infrastructure in that part of town. From what I hear, bedbugs can survive up to 18 months without a human host, living in the wood, furniture, etc. That’s a pretty chilling thought.

  2. I recognize the hyperbole, but no one deserves the protracted horror (and expense) of living through a bedbug infestation.

    Given that the problem had been going on for weeks before it was addressed, I’m sure a fair number of employees and tourists are now having to deal with this. I’m sure that A&F will be sued (and rightly so).

  3. I would imagine that like a jinxed restaurant; this location is probably doomed as a clothing store. Don’t remember what the space was like, but I believe the zoning on that block would allow A&F numerous sub-lease options. Of course it would have to be delivered raw.

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