Breaking: BBlessing Closing

— Mon, 26th July 2010 —

We’re sorry to report that one of the city’s more unique menswear shops, BBlessing, is closing its doors for good at the end of the week. Through Saturday, 7/31, the shop’s taking up to 90% off all remaining stock from Adam Kimmel, Raf Simons, Rag & Bone, and Surface to Air.


Tell us, What do you think led to BBlessing’s demise?

BBlessing – 181 Orchard St between Houston & Stanton – 212-378-8005 – 12pm-8pm Daily – Map

  1. Usually overpriced but always figure that the more stores, the better.

  2. dunno, but this place has been on constant sale for months. my guess is bigger space = higher rent (weren’t they in a much smaller space before) + esoteric high priced clothes in a recessionary environment. that said i did admire their guts and they were always super friendly nice dudes.


  3. I always stopped by when I was in the area, but often found myself going in and out after a couple of minutes. There just wasn’t a lot there besides the Bblessing shirts, and the stuff was sort of overpriced — $220 for the button-ups. Still sad to see another store bite the dust.

  4. Daniel, was this a recent trip after the sale started?? Anyone know if it is worth a trip down there for this sale??

  5. I agree with others’ posts and would add that the neighborhood might’ve been too skater-chic for this store. LES is also a nightlife area more than a boutique area. Maybe on Mott it would have succeeded?

  6. I talked to the guys a few weeks ago and they said they were planning on moving to a better location, not sure if this is still true.

  7. @Joel sorry for the confusion. The Bblessing button-ups retailed for $220. At the current sale, they were $60.

  8. There are definite bargains to be had here. Steals might be a better word. There are a bunch of striped sweaters from 5-20 dollars. Same with the graphic vintage T’s. I think the limited denim was going for $90. Shoe’s and shorts are marked down but with limited sizing. The more rare and higher end sample pieces were going for more. It doesn’t look like they plan on re-opening another store since they’re also selling their hangers.

    Sad to see them go.

  9. Definitely steals to be had. Timo Weiland sample sale also going on — jackets $175… Pants around $60… The owners negotiated with me and I got a really great deal. And yes $5 – $20 striped sweaters are indeed a reality.

  10. too gothy and black for 2010…this stuff isnt selling for 2-3 years now…its a shame but if mgt didnt change strategy, then it was their fault.

    i actually think odin is going to be struggling…their rent at lafayette must be massive and they have a similar collection of robert geller and all that crap.

    rough times…i only buy when the price gets attractive for the quality of clothing. i have been less than impressed with the latest offerings at stores…

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