Century 21 Clearance Sale

— Thu, 1st July 2010 —

Century 21, God bless it, just kicked off its semi-annual clearance sale, which amounts to 75% off retail. For sure, this discount department store draws big crowds, but the men’s department — and particularly the mezzanine level where you’ll find suiting and outerwear — is consistently the quietest section of the store.

Century 21 – 22 Cortlandt St between Church & Broadway – 212-227-9092 – Map

  1. I went at lunch:

    – All Tom Ford is gone
    – All Maison, Giorgio Arman, Viktor & Rolf et al is terrible or gone
    – Decent discounts on Lanvin suits
    – No discounts on shoes

    Really really sad. I went about a week ago and saw some stuff I had my eye on. Either it has been sold or taken off the floor for the sale. Small Woolrich rack on the bottom floor that’s probably worth picking over.

  2. All c21’s getting busy with the 75% off i assume?


  3. i diddn’t see anything @ 75% off. some things were 33% off, but that was it as far as i saw.

  4. went today…it was really a sad lackluster group of men’s clothing…i did get my wife a skirt…

  5. Went on my lunch hour today. Saw a nice pair of white YSL cotton slacks for $110. But, yeah, lots of high-end “didn’t sell for a reason” merch that European toursits will snap up.

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