Gap White Straight Fit Jeans

— Tue, 27th July 2010 —

In late 2008, GAP got serious about denim. For proof, see ACL’s ringing endorsement back in May. Obviously, in the wake of an unprecedented denim renaissance, there are many far superior jeans on the market. In a cost-to-quality comparison, however, GAP arguably deserves a place on the podium. Keeping it season appropriate, contributor and Men’s Style 101 blogger Sam Timm takes a closer look at GAP’s white straight fit.

For those of you looking to pick up a great pair of white denim for the summer, look no further than a pair of $65 Straight Fit’s from the Gap.  While some sartorialists say that white denim is acceptable year ‘round, I still had a hard time justifying dropping over $100 on a pair of “summer jeans.”

Gap’s Straight Fit, currently on sale for $29.99, are consistent with the rest of the brand’s quality denim at an affordable price point. Sitting low on the waist with a low rise, the fit of these pants is straight through the thigh and leg with a straight leg opening. The one drawback of the fit is the lack of a tapered leg opening. Still, compared to the fit of similar denim in this price range such as Levi’s 511 and 514, I would say that Gap’s straight fit falls perfectly between the two.

Those of you who are looking for a nice slim leg without being too “hipster skinny,” will love the fit of these. The leg opening measures a little bit over five inches. The button-fly is a mark of their relative high quality. The jeans are also true to size, as my 34×34’s fit perfectly.  Expect them to stretch about half an inch. I was pleasantly surprised with the softness of the denim and the lack of pre-washing and whiskers.

The slim fit of these jeans makes them a great summer pick to match up with a chambraoy shirt, polo, or a simple v-neck tee. Cuff ‘em up an inch or two, show some ankle.  Rock them with a pair of boat shoes or desert boots.  Dress them up or down. Get them dirty and break them in, or keep them pristine and white. At $29.99, you can’t beat them.

Pics and words by Sam Timm

Looking for some style inspiration? Emily Christenson, friend of The Beggar family and a member of The Outsider Folk Art Gallery, just sent in this painting by Jim Bloom for us all to enjoy. Thank you kindly, Emily!

  1. A little bit over 5″, straight up. Not sure if you are familiar with Gap’s fits, but their straight fit is pretty slim. Definitely a lot slimmer than what I expected.

  2. that is one of the worst fits i have ever seen in my life. also, a 5″ leg opening wouldn’t even wrap around most ankles so you may want to re-check that measurement. i usually wear between a 26-28 waist and the skinniest pants i have owned are typically a hair over 6″. most would even consider 7″ a fairly skinny leg opening.

  3. Err… 5″ wide at the cuff? Makes no sense. As j pointed out rightly, a 7″ seam to seam measurement at the bottom most part of the jean (which is also half the circumference of the leg opening) is already pretty damn slim… Would it be possible for you to just measure the circumference of the leg opening and tell us?

  4. I went by a gap shop yesterday in Manhattan- since the white denim was already on some fire-sale ($15.99 for some reason) , and they had a promotion running (40% off of anything ALREADY on sale) the jeans topped out at about $9.58 with tax. I was able to call ahead and have them set aside a couple of choices for sizes. Thanks for the heads up!

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