Gent’s Resale Semiannual Sale

— Thu, 29th July 2010 —

As far as consignment shops go, Gentleman’s Resale is often a goldmine for conservative-leaning shoppers. As The New York Observer put it last year, “The old-guard Upper East Side consignment shops [among which it included Gent’s Resale] are like a booming neighborhood luxury yard sale, with neighbors discreetly downsizing the wardrobes they accumulated in flusher times.”

For Gents’ semiannual clearance sale — featuring up to 70% off already discounted prices — we just made our twice-yearly pilgrimage to the shop’s 81st Street locale. The result? Pretty underwhelming, we’re sad to report. In fact, save for a few finds, the selection is nearly indistinguishable from any resale shop. The sale goes through August 8, but we’ll be surprised if they ever move much of the sale stock on offer.

Gucci cotton suit, size 50, for $250

Helmut Land cotton suit, size 50, for $250

Brooks Brothers 1818 button-up, in large, for $60

Gentlemen’s Resale – 322 East 81st St between 1st and 2nd – 212-734-2739 – Map

  1. Wow, you gotta to be kidding me. $60 for Brooks Brothers that you can get NEW for the same price on sale?

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