Gilt Spotlight: Martin Greenfield

— Thu, 15th July 2010 —

This is interesting. For the time first in over two years of blogging, ACL‘s Michael Williams has given a solid nod to Gilt. His inspiration? An exclusive commission by the sale site for the work of one Martin Greenfield, perhaps the most respected suit maker in New York City. “If you are in the market for a new suit, the time is now,” writes Michael. “If you are attending a wedding soon and need a suit, the time is now. If you are someone that just likes to wear suits, the time is now. I can’t say this enough.”

Meanwhile, Valet discusses the collaboration with Gilt Man’s head buyer Christopher Wong. The suits, which start at $876, are all two-button single-breasted with double vents. “It’s the heritage of Martin Greenfield, but updated for our guy at a great price,” says Wong.

The suits go on sale at 12pm, today, 7/15.

  1. “He normally only does custom suits under his own name but thankfully, he was very enthusiastic about the idea.” I’m pretty sure Greenfield makes OTR Golden Fleece suits for Brooks Brothers (the doublebreasteds are generally always on sale for $489). And Turnbull & Asser. And probably other brands that I dont know about.

  2. I believe Greenfield also makes the suits sold at Freeman’s Sporting Club.

  3. He also is the manufacturer of Brooks Brothers’ highest label line


  4. And Rag & Bone, but I think the point here is “under his own name”.


  5. 1. He does not manufacture BB anymore.
    2. He makes Rag & Bone, Freeman’s Sporting Club and Band of Outsiders
    3. These suits kind of look like a hodge podge of crap. They have the same short style as Band but have thick lapels. There was no designer behind this effort.
    4. How can they list a $2000 original price if the suits have never been sold before under the MG label?

  6. Spend almost a thousand dollars on a suit you’ve never seen in person, return for credit only?! Michael Williams is insane.

  7. The problem with both this sale and all of the suit sales at Gilt is that they don’t give you measurements for the specifics of the suit. You would want to know, for example the length of the jacket, the measure of the shoulders, etc as these things can all vary from suit to suit, but all Gilt gives is the measurements of the model wearing a specific size. I suppose you’re expected to extrapolate from that, but they could do far better for an online experience.


  8. ^^ this ^^

    Best case, you’re taking a crap shoot as to which fit they made among the crazy different fits between a 40R BB, Rag & Bone, and Band. Worst case, it’s a brand new fit that no one has any experience with.

    I only buy online if I’ve tried something on before or if there is a plethora of sizes (context clothing).

  9. They’ve never sold under his own name? Are you a moron..hello? Bill Clinton? Patrick Ewing? Michael Strahan? Michael Jackson? Look at the costumes in Boardwalk Empire?….aka he gives THE the exclusive few who deserve it.. you’re just silly.
    It’s an honor to have a suit fitted by Martin Greenfield.
    clearly you know nothing about quality

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