Noted: The Stanton Tailor Shop

— Mon, 12th July 2010 —

Hidden in the N.Y. Region section of last week’s New York Times, we overlooked this tiny profile of The Stanton Tailor Shop and its opinionated proprietor Pablo Vargas. But the good work of too many local craftsman goes unnoticed, so we had to circle back. Along with his steady hand, sharp eye and dutiful staff, The Times‘ Sarah Kramer praises Vargas for his honesty. “I can usually count on Pablo to tell me the plain truth” — often an inconvenience as it can mean more work for all parties, but which usually results in a more rewarding outcome. (While the provenance of such criticism is often questionable, you should also note that the 30 reviews aggregated by Google here are quite mixed.)

The Stanton Tailor Shop – 90 Stanton St btwn Ludlow & Orchard – 212-353-9753 – Map

  1. I am a long time Stanton Tailer shop customer and think he does a great job and that prices are very inexpensive.

  2. I’d also hardly call a 4.5 stars average review on Yelp “mixed.” There seem to be a few disgruntled customers. I’d also note on the rare occasion I’ve had a problem with alternations they were fixed at my request at no charge.

  3. I’ve been happily using Pablo for years, even though the shop is out of my way. I heartily endorse STS.

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