Patrik Ervell, Brunello Cucinelli, …

— Tue, 20th July 2010 —

  1. I am , practicing in London as a meotnr, coach and motivational speaker since 2001. My coaching talents have evolved from the confluence of two life journeys, being both a dynamic entrepreneur as well as a spiritual truth-seeker. I draw on both of these sources when working with my coaching clients and people tell me that I am highly effective. Today, based in central London, I am running a thriving Life Coaching practice that was established to provide you a premium life coaching service. With alacrity, I partner with intelligent, successful people who want to excel at their passion, gifts and unique talents. My clients include many CEOs, mum\’s, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, lawyers, directors, professionals, freelancers, creative people and people who are not aware of what they are here for.

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