At IF Boutique Basement Sale

— Tue, 17th August 2010 —

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About IF Boutique’s Basement Sale going down through Sunday, 8/22. We’re told the opening hours were insane, though it was mostly womenswear from the get-go. “Almost all womenswear save for 3 rather moribund racks of menswear,” one reader tells us. “I was there 30 minutes after it began and it became very apparent that it was going to be the slimmest of pickings this time around.” We dropped by Monday afternoon, and came to a similar conclusion. Some unstructured jackets, a few Margiela blazers, two Comme patchwork jackets, etc. Through Sunday, if you’re lucky enough to score at this sale, we strongly suggest jumping on the next flight to Vegas.

IF Boutique – 94 Grand St between Mercer & Greene – 212-334-4964 – Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm-6:30 – Map

  1. thanks i was just about to leave to go to this but you changed my mind! looks like it would’ve been a waste of time!

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